2022 Evolution EV Classic 4 Plus Street Legal 4 Seater – Silver

Luxury 2 tone seats and steering wheel, windshield and rear view mirrors, independent Suspension.
Includes: Rear Flip Seat with Trunk and Cup Holders, Digital Speedometer, USB Port, Extended Roof, LEDs, 6in Lift, and Upgraded Tires/Wheels
5in JL Audio Speakers, 9in Touch Screen, High Low Speed, and Back Up Camera
25Amp Onboard waterproof Evolution Preprogrammed Charger for Lithium Batteries
Acid Dipped, Powder Coated Steel Chassis with a LIFETIME Warranty

Lithium-ion Battery 60AH 2H Charging Time: Includes 5 Year LIMITED Warranty
1Yr Manufacturer Warranty, 2Yr Limited Warranty

Available Colors: White, Black, Silver, Red, Maroon, Navy, Orange, Lime Green, Green, and Yellow

Price: $11,600.00